Rosie's Organic Elderberry Syrup
Organic in every way. That is the goal of our products. We are inspired to create great products, that taste delicious and that are nutrient rich. This is a family tradition. We go back two generations, starting with our grandma, a Rosie the Riveter with her "We Can Do It!" spirit. Coming from a farming family, there was always a huge garden growing right up the hill from the steel mill. Elderberries were a special produce product in the family, and today, we harness the amazing taste and pure goodness of these berries in our organic elderberry syrup. Rosie's Elderberry syrup is infused with organic cinnamon and ginger, as well as cloves and raw honey, with no other brand coming close to it's outstanding flavor and purity. And best of all, we strive to make it affordable so every family can have a bottle in the home. Try some today!

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